Painted & glazed ceramic tiles,
fused glass panels, wood & steel
650 by 400 by 400cm
256 by 157˝ by 157˝in
Executed in 2015.

This work is unique.
Sandy Brown is one of Britain’s preeminent contemporary ceramicists. Temple was created this year as a temporary installation especially for the gardens at Chatsworth. Involving arches, columns and over 5000 tiles each one painted differently. Temple is an exuberant celebration of colour and creativity. An innovative artist, Brown’s practice has undergone significant development and has in turn made a profound impact on contemporary ceramics. As Gabi Dewald writes: ‘Today it is hard to imagine the European ceramics scene without her. She is famous for her spontaneous, passionate use of clay and colours. Her almost provokingly simple use of form and her strong, energetic brush decorations feed from direct emotion, from confidence in her own intuition and from a portion of childlike anarchy she preserved for herself. Sandy Brown’s catalytic, liberating influence on European ceramics in the seventies and above all eighties must not be underestimated. At a time when European ceramics threatened to get stuck between Asiatic ideals and local traditions, her impetuous, lustful approach to the material demonstrated exciting new possibilities.’
(G. Dewald. ‘Die mondbewegte Frau’. In Keramik Magazin. August-September, 2000).

Inspired by visits to Isfahan, Agra and Venice, Temple’s form is intrinsically linked to its function. As a dazzling counterpoint to the stately elegance of the gardens its idiosyncratic style is an invitation to contemplation and personal reflection. A crucial part of her process in recent years has been her interest in collaboration. Simon Moore provided the fused glass windows which allow soft, coloured light into the sanctum.
Sandy Brown was trained in the art of making ceramics at the Daisei Pottery in Mashiko, Japan. The recipient of Art Council funding, and chosen as Britain’s artist in residence in Australia by the British Council for 1988, Brown has been an important international figure for many years, whose works feature regularly in exhibitions all over the world. Brown’s art is represented by pieces in major public institutions, including the Victoria & Albert Museum, London; Ulster Museum, Belfast; Aberdeen Museum & Art Gallery; the World Ceramic Centre, South Korea and the Museum for Applied Art in Frankfurt.

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